Our Philosophy

Adventures with Robots wants to bring LEGO robotics and other fun, educational science programs to more elementary school students at a younger age.

A lot of the engineers and scientists who work on these launches started with LEGO®s ... and egg drops ... and back yard experiments ...

Adventures with Robots wants to bring LEGO® robotics and other fun, educational science programs to more elementary school students at a younger age. Our goal is to make science, technology, engineering and mathematics irresistibly FUN for the next generation. Our students leave our LEGO® Robotics and other science classes wanting more. We want our students – boys and girls – to enter middle and high school actually wanting to sign up for that class in robotics, or physics, or electronics.

Are we succeeding? Yes! Since Adventures with Robots started up in fall 2010 with just one LEGO® robotics class, we’ve taught more than 1,000 students to write their first programs. Students and parents think we’re doing an awesome job.

Check out our class list and class reviews. And while you’re at it, check our LEGO® robotics and crime science birthday parties and reviews! No, we won’t turn your kid into Einstein. But we’ll certainly spark his or her interest in science, robotics and engineering!

As parents, you have choices for after-school robotics and science programs.

Why choose Adventures with Robots?

Because, unlike our competitors, we offer:

  • Hand-on activities for every kid, every time. Our clubs are not demonstration clubs where just one or two kids get to help. There’s no such thing as sitting through our classes and not being able to remember what happened. In our LEGO® Robotics classes, each pair of kids gets one netbook and one LEGO® robotics kit.
  • Small class sizes. Maximum enrollment for each club is 12 (or 8, for Mindstorms). Compare that to other clubs, which pile up to 20 kids in a room with one frazzled college student. (In some cases, your PTA may insist on adding a 13th child to the class – we do this at your PTA’s request with the understanding that your PTA has approval from the parents in the class).
  • Two instructors for 12 students OR one instructor plus one aide = student-adult ratio of 6:1.
  • Sensible grade ranges. We are not a one-size-fits-all program. We are not going to tell you that students grades K-5 are going to have meaningful experiences in the same classroom at the same time. We restrict our clubs to appropriate grade ranges, including K-1, 2-4, 2-5, 4-7 and 6-8.
  • Qualified, enthusiastic instructors who are required to pass a background check before the start of each session. Many of us are engineers. Almost all Adventures with Robots instructors have bachelor’s or master’s degrees; one of us has a PhD.  About half of us have STEM degrees. Several of us have children of our own.
  • Email updates from your instructor after every class about what your child did and learned, what to expect in the next class and when appropriate, how to extend the activity at home. Parents love our updates because many of them can’t three words out of their kids about what they did in school on any given day!
  • Affordable tuition. Many of our competitors charge about $20 per student per class hour for robotics classes at their venues. We bring talented instructors and thousands of dollars of equipment to your classroom for about $13 per student per class hour.
  • Convenient venues (your home school, or even your house if you form your own group! Home-schoolers welcome!).
  • Community support. Adventures with Robots donates a percentage of tuition back to your PTA when your PTA organizes our after-school or evenings cience clubs. We also run at-cost LEGO® robotics and other classes for low-income students at housing communities managed by Montgomery Housing Partnership in Montgomery County, Maryland.
  • We’re local! We’re not a chain or a franchise. We’re based in Wheaton, Maryland. Our founder and our instructors have deep roots in our communities! We’re creating fun, brain-challenging and well-paid part-time jobs for people in Maryland and now, Washington D.C. and northern Virginia!
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